Friday, September 24, 2010

Hello people, I know its been almost a year since I posted. But, yeah, its better than NOTHING right. hmph. >:(

Anyway, i actually have a new blog, but its damn emo and when you read, you might just feel my sadness and die too, so reading this will be much better right. Yeap. Anyway, its been almost a year in YJC and I must admit that it is a very fruitful experience for myself and I will never regret this period of time even if I retain (CHOY). YEAP! I've learnt a lot and I think I've grown up quite a bit. I've learnt to be independent and to be able to separate from Wenqi so I reckon it is good and bad.

Its approximately two weeks to promos and I can die just thinking about it (considering the shock that is sent to my heart by the thought!) and my eye bags are becoming as heavy as my school bag (which definitely is extremely bad!). Today was the most retarded day in school.(or is it ONE of the most retarded day... hmmmmm.....) I guess every day is retarded with DS around. Anyway, after I went to YJC, I made friends with 5 wonderful people(more than 5 friends la but these five are the closest *MUAHS*) and its really fun hanging out with this DS group of people. I'll remember you five darlings for life, Cherry(Yuwen), Elizabeth, Shamini, Valerie and Serene :)

Today was epic man seriously. Firstly, Cherry the-major-DS-need-to-see-doctor person, wave to this guy's(yeah i wont say his name is R) BACK. This is quite normal considering the guy is quite cute. But what the DS didn't realise is his friends are just in front. And watching her do that. OMG. I wanted to dig a hole and hide, I reckon she must have felt the same way. HAHAHAHAHHA. Then, a fly landed on DS's hair. Shamini screamed like siao and THE WHOLE CANTEEN LOOKED AT US SERIOUSLY. HAHAHAHA WE LOOKED LIKE SOME JOKE. Well, we are la I KNOW. yeap. Then the fly went to attack Eli next and when it flew away, we sat down and tried to pretend nothing happened(epic fail). YA LA OKAY.

YEAP. I have to do alot of work already la and my bro want to use the computer :( AGAIN. But I've used enough so I guess I'll go sleep now since the PW meeting tmr is cancelled so great! KTHXBAI!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do you remember the times when we were so close?
We did so many things together. You've said so many things that only we two will know. Now, we're like strangers. Sometimes i dont know what to do. :|

Saturday, February 13, 2010


i didn't go to church today :( cannot show off my beautiful cheongsam-shirt. HAHAHA.
i switched on the tv at approximately 930am and SUPER JUNIOR M was on this china countdown thing :(((((.

how come they dont come to Singapore. :(:(:(.
and we get JJLin. Wth srsly. HAIII.

Anywayyy. these few weeks were fun. YYYJCCCCCC. hahah.
met up with waicheng, bernice and yeening at Ion on friday. (Y)
hahhahaha okay. bye

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Disappointment big time.
Nevermind, i will work harder for A lvls. Much.

I'm rebonding my hair as i am typing this.
So cool. Thats the advantage for having a hairdresser mum :)
Free rebonding and i can act like a barbarian in front of her!! :D

YEAH. Got to spend my remaining days with Wenqi wisely cause i'll miss her so much. REALLY :(

Hope i can get to know close friends who will study in JC.
Bye everyone :(:)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HELLO 2010.

I still quite cannot believe is 2010. I also dont know why..
My brain just refuses to process this info.

I just came back from KL with yeening and her parents :)
So fun nehs. But i am super lazy to post up the pictures please.
I didn't buy as much things as i wanted to but cannot regret liao.

I'm going out with Yeening Estella Jane and Bernice to shop shop SHOP now. though i have no $$. :( BYEBYE

Monday's leaves me fearful.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hello. Back from hongkong days ago. Don't feel like blogging this period of time. see ya soon.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Okay. So, after extensions, i've highlighted my head red!!! :) but it is not that obvious luh.

Yesterday, went to church. Then, ate subway. After that, we went to Luke's house to watch paranormal activity(boring!) and nine.

Then, met wenqi, junhao and kinkit @ busstop and went to downtown. Bought frappe!! Y^,^Y went to syaz's chalet. We ate, played poker cards, sang birthday songs and played truth or dare. Now, i know so many embarassing things bout the guys in our class, and 4e3 lahhhh. Wth lo! Amd we did many embarassing and disguzting dares (lmao rofl lol!). So fun so happy!!! ;)

Today, ningster and her friend came my house to dye hair and she woke me up twice(b4 & after). Went auntie's house. Went tampines mall and t1 with qi, ate @ pastamania. She bought a french book, like phrase and stuff. So, who ever is reading this, voo laid!!! Okay. Go find out yourself. Thennnn... Wanted use comp but my bro got bring out >:() always like this. Hate it when he does thisss.

Bye, pictures on facebook tmr, hopefully.